Your dashboard is how you’ll manage your projects going forward.

When the notification icon in the top right has a red dot, this indicates you have new notifications. Click the icon to view them.

The Projects tab displays all of your projects filtered by status. Click on each project to view more details about each, including charges, updates, submitted briefs, and uploaded files.

  • Project Updates: All project updates submitted by your pro to keep you informed about where things are at.

  • Project Status: The current status of your project.

  • Project Charges: All past charges for the project, along with a downloadable receipt.

  • Project Brief: The most recent questionnaire submission, along with a history of previous submissions.

  • Files: All files uploaded for the project.

  • The Messages tab displays message channels for all of your active projects. You can use these channels to communicate directly with the pro who fulfills each individual service. Message channels for your canceled projects can be accessed by clicking Show Archived Projects.

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